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"The Lord said, “Simon! Simon! Behold, Satan has demanded to have you, that he may sift you like wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail".
Luke 22: 31-32.

The happenings and hubbub of a twenty-something who loves Jesus who also happen to like mustaches, v-necks, coffee, tea, tattoos, music, writing, friends, and family too. That's all.

Relationships: Push and Pull

Had the honor of guest writing an article on relationships for my dear friend, Dev, and her incredible blog: Jesus & Tattoos

It’s been a topic I’ve been processing through, reading about, and studying for the last few year, so it’s been rad to finally have the opportunity to place my thoughts to something a little more concrete than conversation. 

Even though the topic is relationships, the greater point of this blog is to shed light on how we handle insecurity in our interpersonal relationships. Give it a read through and check out the rest of Dev’s blog- it’s pretty great. 

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Be faithful to serving the Lord in the mundane. Moses tended sheep for 40 years before he led his people out of Egypt. Jesus was a carpenter for 20 years before he had three years of ministry. You wanting to be excited and not bored is not a God-centered passion: It’s a self centered idol.

Chase your dreams. Do fun things.

I don’t think anything glorifies God more than when we, his children, are completely enamored by Him. I am also  convinced that nothing in this world is remotely as exciting, necessary, or important as turning the gifts, talents, and desires God has given us back into praise. 

Nothing is arbitrary- God places desires in our heart for a reason. God gives us talents and abilities for the sole purpose of glorifying him, and when we pursue the desires of our heart, sharpen our talents, and allow our gifting’s to shape how we minister and interact with one another, we are showing God that we appreciate what he’s given us. In that, we ascribe worth to Him: our creator.If worship is the act of ascribing worth to things, and if time is money, then we worship what we spend our time doing. When we spend our time delighting in the things that God has placed in our life, then we ultimately ascribe value and worth to God. We delight in Him and we delight in what he’s done in and through us. 

Of course, the potential problem we find with this kind of lifestyle is this: we can be spending so much time pursuing the dreams and desires of our heart that we forget who placed those desires there in the first place. We can lose sight of our first love, and be caught up in our own hopes and dreams. What was once something that pleased God has become an idol. That’s why humility is so important. When we see everything as God’s, and when we see everything as a gift and blessing, we find that we don’t ascribe the value and glory to ourselves, but to God, thus, ascribing worth (worship) to God. We glorify Him when we use our talents and abilities because he is the very source of those talents and abilities. We ought to be humble and recognize that we’re not the source of the greatness, but that God is (all good an perfect things come from above). In a way, when we use our talents and abilities to glorify God, and when we use gifts in humility, we’re actually reflecting the humility of God himself.

If He is the source of all great things, and great things are done through us, then that means that God is working through us. God could come down and assert his dominance over all of us (and be justified in doing so- He’s God, after all), but often times he just allows his gifts and abilities to be utilized and accessed by us. How much more humble can you get- to be all-powerful and glorious in every way, and to share that goodness not with angels, but with mere humans. 

When we fail to glorify God in our actions and in our gifting’s, we are guilty of not only idolatry, but of plagiarism: we take credit for what isn’t ours. We fail to recognize the source of our talents and abilities. When we put more stock in our own passions, dreams, and natural talent than in the glory of God, then we fail to see the reason why we’re even living in the first place. John Piper said “no one likes salt- people like what is salted”. We’re not called to live life for ourselves- we’re called to salt the earth. 

The goal here isn’t to discourage people from pursuing dreams- it’s the opposite. Pursue your dreams. Pursue what you love. Just remember the One who placed the desires in your heart in the first place, and remember what you’re living for. We’re called to live lives that glorify God. We’re not called to take credit for the work that Christ has done in our lives. 

Chase your dreams. Do fun things. Love God, love others, and the rest will inevitably follow.  

-Joshua Islas

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My Missiology Thus Far

Being missional for the sake of being missional is of no eternal worth unless it’s rooted and founded in Christ. Apart from Christ, being missional is philanthropy, community service, and humanitarianism. And, although those things will improve the society we live in, it will never heal the brokenness of the human condition. Philanthropy can equip and improve the conditions of the impoverished, community service can help maintain that which is being improved, humanitarianism can seek to accept and care for everyone equally, but none of these things can address the single greatest threat to humanity- our sin.

This is why Jesus is so important. We are fallen and broken; we have no hope apart from the love of God. But, it’s because of that great love that Jesus Christ was sent as the substitution of our open rebellion against God; he eliminated our sin took our place on the cross. And, when he was resurrected, he gave us his Holy Spirit in order that we may each have a piece of him inside of us- to lead us, guide us, purify us, and strengthen us.

See, we all have this inkling in our hearts- this small twinge that tells us something is broken when we see something that isn’t right. Whether its a homeless person on the corner asking for change, a child in open rebellion against their parents, or an impoverished infant with a distended belly- we all feel the same twinge: something isn’t right and somebody should do something about it.

The reality is this: God created us and we each have a little piece of him inside of us. The inkling we feel is a result of God shaping us and creating us. We all feel that twinge because God feels that twinge. Any effort to satisfy these twinges will never prove successful if God isn’t in it- he designed it that way. He wants to be a part of our the restoration process. It doesn’t matter how deeply rooted in love and well intentioned any of our efforts to fix the world are, if God’s love isn’t the reason why we’re working to restore what has been broken, our efforts will not heal- they will only patch up.

Apart from Jesus, any effort we make to improve society is just patchwork. Humanitarianism doesn’t restore what’s broken, it merely treats the symptoms of a broken society. We need the Holy Spirit to actively dwell inside of us and work out of that power in order to bind us that which has been broken because it takes that kind of power to heal.

In all reality, healing has nothing to do with us and our efforts, but everything to do with God. He is binding up that which has been broken, healing what is wounded, bringing back what has been lost, sharing love with those who’ve been outcasted, and using his own creations- us- to bring glory to himself.

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stop trying so hard.

There is nothing new under the sun, so stop trying so hard to be original. Be true to who you’ve been created to be and do what you enjoy. 

"No man who bothers about originality will ever be original… If you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will…become original without ever having noticed it."
-C. S. Lewis 

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I’ve found that even the midst of our brokenness, and the inevitable crippling hurt that soon follows, hope and healing exist beneath the broken pieces of our dreams if we’re brave enough to sift through them.
Isaiah Joshua
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Do Yourself a Favor

If you’re sitting behind your computer screen wondering why you’re life doesn’t look as inspiring as the photos, music, videos, and words you’re beholding, I promise you it’s not because you lack talent- it’s because you’re behind a computer screen. 

Get off your ass and do something. 


Search tirelessly for the things that bring you joy. Not temporary joy, but deep- eternal- joy. Behold it. Embrace it. Emulate it. 

Live a life worth dying for. 

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Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people. He waits to be wanted. Too bad that with many of us He waits so long, so very long, in vain.

Inspire! The Brand.

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been actively involved with tumblr, but I’m hopping back on to promote something super near and dear to my heart.

For a while now, I’ve been putting myself through school while serving as a barista. And, although I love working in a well-respected coffee shop, I’d love to continue doing what I love: ministry. I know I can do ministry alongside school and a part-time job, but it’d be really amazing to be able to focus more time on school and ministry and not have to worry about my other job as much!

This brings me to something I’ve been passionate about for a while: design.

I love creativity. I love design work. I love art, music, and anything that has to do with the idea of making something. It is through this passion that I’ve created a company-

Inspire! The Brand.

Inspire! is a design company I’ve founded to enable young graduates, professionals, and every-day people, to  be competitive in todays market. Focusing primarily on brand recognition, Inspire! seeks to create unique designs for each individual customer so they can stand confidently behind their products, company, and brand. 

I’d love it if y’all would stop by and say hi on Inspire! The Brand’s facebook and twitter to share some love.

Apart from that, it would be amazing if you could keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue on in this next phase of my life. I’ll be focusing lots of time and effort into my company over the next few months and will also be jumping back on here more often, seeing as I’m also focusing heavily on ministry!

If you’d like to stop by Inspire! The Brand, check us out:





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You cannot expect God to do a work in your heart if you’re not willing to be honest about what it is about your heart that needs fixing.